The management
Started by Jules Bel in 1865, the Bel Group is managed today by the descendants of the company's founders. As the master of its own development, Bel favors sustainable and profitable growth, guided by a long-term view.

The Group Executive Committee is chaired by Antoine Fiévet and includes 8 Members, each of who are responsible for a business activity or a geographical region. Together, they manage the Group’s strategy and mission.


Antoine Fiévet

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bel is a family-operated company that has shared its daring, caring and committing values with its employees for five generations. This same spirit of teamwork guides Bel’s management as it seeks to instill the Group’s global staff of 11,000 people with enthusiasm to implement a growth strategy that is both ambitious and sustainable.”

Bruno Schoch

Deputy General Manager in charge of Finance, Information Technology and Legal affairs

We rank third worldwide in branded cheese, and four of our brands are positioned among the 20 leading cheese brands globally. While our performance stems from our know-how in brand management, our growth is also the fruit of a balanced approach to risk-taking and growth opportunities, and a strategy to locate our production units as close as possible to main centers of consumption.”

Guillaume Jouët

Executive Vice-President Human Resources, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

Bel is a family-operated Group that has always sought durable and sustainable growth. We have been preparing our sustainable development strategy with our various stakeholders for several years now. Our commitment to society applies to all our activities, and we have seen significant improvement momentum that has brought together our employees.”

Etienne Lecomte

Executive Vice-President Europe

Our brands are very highly regarded among consumers in Europe. The bonds we build with families, our ability to innovate and the inventiveness of our advertising campaigns have enabled us to grow under strong economic pressure. We maintain our preference for families and work hard to make sure that the bonds and trust endure.”

Hubert Mayet

Executive Vice-President Manufacturing and Technical Operations, Research and Innovation

 Bel’s indisputable manufacturing know-how lies at the core of the Group’s success. Our teams combine cheese-making skills with manufacturing excellence. We have the same quality and safety demands everywhere in the world, and we work with our teams to optimize our production sites to develop the “Bel Manufacturing Model” together.”

Frédéric Nalis

Executive Vice-President Americas

In the Americas, the Group is focused on three core brands, The Laughing Cow®, Mini Babybel® and Boursin®. This has proven to be a winning strategy, in particular with the remarkable success of Mini Babybel® in the United States. Today, the USA is the world’s number one market for Mini Babybel®, and Bel is the leading player in the cheese portions segment. We plan to follow this same strategy across all of the Americas.”

éric de Poncins

Executive Vice-President Development and Prospection

Bel is a growing company, driven primarily by the strong momentum of its core brands and international sales. This continuous growth reflects the relevance of the company’s sales and marketing strategy, the strength of its distribution network and the talent of its teams. We also think about our activities in the medium term with a 2025 strategic plan to feed this momentum and to fully achieve our willingness of sharing smiles through unique experiences of dairy goodness.”

Robert Schlingensiepen

Executive Vice-President Strategic, Planning and Brand Growth

Our ambition is to double in size by 2025. To meet this challenge, Bel relies on the power of its brands. Synonymous with good taste and quality, they are positive brands that build bonds with consumers, offering a unique experience in the ritualistic way they are eaten and in the territories where they roam.”


Executive Vice-President Middle East and Greater Africa

We rank number one in the Middle East. We are working on consolidating our positions and seeking to improve our competitiveness. We are the leader in Africa. Make our price accessible and our product available are the major challenges we face to develop the consumption of cheese on this continent.”