Sharing smiles through unique experiences of dairy goodness
The global success of Bel's brands can be illustrated by the 10 million portions of The Laughing Cow® consumed every day in the world, the equivalent of 1.5 billion square of Kiri® produced and nearly 4 million rounds of Leerdammer®...

The Bel brands bring smiles to over 400 million consumers annually in around 130 coutries around the globe. These smiles, derived from the pleasure of eating food made with dairy goodness, and Bel’s commitment to encouraging good eating habits and good-naturedness, form the common thread between the Group and its brands.


With the single-serving portion, Bel invented a new way to eat cheese 150 years ago. Today, more than ever, this unique technological feat is a modern response to consumer expectations. Thanks to its insatiable appetite for innovation and a heavy dose of daring, Bel successfully created The Laughing Cow, Kiri, Mini Babybel, Leerdammer, and Boursin — all distinguished, global brands that attract new consumers every day and drive the company’s growth.

Dairy goodness

Milk, cream, butter, cheddar, and other types of cheese are typical of the ingredients found in Bel’s cheese recipes. These recipes are rich in nutrients like calcium and proteins, and they deliver dairy goodness to markets in a portion-packaging format that guarantees product quality.

Daring in the family genes

An international family business led by family members for five generations, Bel is also an actively engaged company. Aware that its corporate responsibility goes beyond the doorstep of its plants, and that its business activity also impacts the environment and local community development, Bel and its employees are committed to conducting their business in a respectful and caring way. This commitment, this optimistic mindset, and willingness to share with as many people as possible, is encapsulated in Bel’s “Sharing smiles” signature.

Question for Antoine Fiévet,

Bel Group CEO

“Sharing smiles” is an engaging signature. Why adopt this positioning?
Our signature sums up Bel’s mission of sharing smiles through unique experiences of dairy goodness. As a food manufacturer, Bel seeks to reconcile eating pleasure and nutrition, food cravings and food needs for families all around the world. This signature also reflects our mindset as a company, as Bel’s roots are genetically grounded in the enthusiasm and smiles that propel our brands. We offer the opportunities that arise from our growth to our team members, and we believe it is our duty to promote enthusiasm and daring.


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